My first consultation with Catherine was with some trepidation after many years of visiting GPs and other practitioners with no success. Catherine quickly put me at ease and listened while asking me lots of questions to get to the root of my problems. Whilst looking at the 'whole picture' of my body and health, Catherine devised a comprehensive plan including diet, supplements and exercise for me to work on with her fantastic support. No question was deemed 'silly' and Catherine's caring, supportive manner was so reassuring. Each consultation which followed was aways  professional with further lifestyle suggestions sympathetically tailored to suit me. It is no exaggeration to say that the results for me were life changing, for which I am truly grateful to Catherine. I  cannot recommend her services highly enough!

Julie, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Online Client


Lors de ma consultation, Catherine était très attentive à mes problèmes de santé depuis plus de 13 ans je prenais un traitement chimique qui avait pen d'effet. Grâce à son écouté et professionnalisme, elle a résolu mon problème avec un suivi diététique et des compléments alimentaires. Depuis plus de douleurs et je me sens beaucoup mieux.

Je la remercie très sincèrement pour ses conseils et ce n'est pas exagéré. Je recommande à toute personne ayant des problèmes de santé ou de mal être de lui faire confiance. Elle est toujours présente et à l'écoute pour le suivi.

During my consultation, Catherine was very attentive to my health problems, for more than 13 years I was taking medication which had little effect. Thanks to her attentiveness and professionalism, she solved my problem with dietary monitoring and food supplements. Since then I have had no more pain and I feel much better.

I sincerely thank her for her advice and that is no exaggeration. I am confident in recommending anyone with health problems to work with Catherine. She is always has time to listen.

Béatrice, Online Client


Catherine thank you so much for working with me you have been a massive help.

My insomnia was out of control and life was beginning to be a big drudge. It’s amazing how just a few tweaks to diet and lifestyle can have such an impact.

I’ll definitely continue with your recommendations as I’ve only seen benefits.

Once again thank you.

Gail, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Online Client

I have just completed my course with Catherine. From the moment I first met her I knew she was someone who would be able to help me on my journey back to a healthier life style. I love the recipes which are very easy to follow and offer healthy alternatives. Catherine is very easy to get on with and explains everything very well. I am determined to keep going but knowing that help is only an email away is very reassuring. I truly feel I now have a better relationship with food and a better understanding. Thank you so much for everything.

 Caroline, Hypothyroidism, Online Client


Can't thank Catherine enough for her help! I opted for the "quick look" at a three day food diary to get more information on a new eating plan that I was following. It was exactly what I needed, at a price I could justify. She absolutely exceeded my expectations and provided me with great insights, and helped me identify a practical way forward. Highly recommended!!

Jane, Food diary analysis


I signed up for Catherine's 8 week online weight loss program...not knowing really, what to expect.

I needed to loose weight but was fed up with conventional diets.

This was such an interesting 8 weeks, we learnt about food and what it does to our bodies... and much more besides...... I found it extremely interesting and very informative. The others on the course were a nice bunch and time to chat at the beginning and end of each session.For me this is a much better and probably longer lasting way to loose weight...I hope Catherine you will do another one...i will certainly sign up for it.

Many thanks Jenny.

Jenny, Group Online Weightloss Program


I joined Catherine for her ‘Eat Well, Feel Well, Look Well’ course starting in Jan 2021.

The course was well researched and covered an interesting range of topics without being too scientific. There was a good blend of recipes and information on how to improve diet and lifestyle. I have put the ideas into action and now have improved energy levels and concentration by avoiding sugar highs and lows. Best of all I LOST 3KG!! during the 8 weeks.

Catherine was really helpful in finding ingredients for the recipes in our local area.

Chris, Group Online Weightloss Program


I have just completed a weekly course with Catherine as I wanted to kick start 2021 with a healthy food plan for me and my family. This was perfect and gave me the fresh start I needed. The weekly online sessions included education on specific topics which were well structured, recipes and challenges. Catherine was very supportive and knowledgeable and with the small personal group it was an open supportive environment to ask questions and personalise the experience. Highly recommend. Catherine is just lovely.

Rachel, Group Online Weightloss Program


Really enjoyed Catherine’s eight week nutrition course. It was very informative and gave some great suggestions for adjustments to lifestyle and diet that are not too onerous, but make a huge difference to wellbeing. The course gave me an understanding of the science behind the many meal recipe suggestions. The changes to diet helped me loose 2.4 kgs over the two month period. I intend to continue my new nutrition schedule and follow the advice for better sleep. I fully recommend the course. Thank you very much Catherine.

 Richard, Group Online Weightloss Program


I recently completed Catherine’s 8 week nutrition course which I would really recommend. The course was well planned and presented to cover different areas each week which kept the course interesting. Catherine provided recipes and challenges which were great to try out. Overall I feel healthier and the tips to improve sleep have really worked. We had a lovely group which made it easy to ask lots of questions and share experiences. Thank you so much.

Sarah, Group Online Weightloss Program


I joined the eat well feel well sleep well 8 week course . Very informative and delivered well. I have know Catherine piner for many years , she is passionate about nutrition and it shows . I have tried some fab recipes she has sent us. Best bit was the balancing sugar of intake and teaching us about eating unprocessed foods . If you get a chance join a course . Photo of my muffins . Beginning of rest of my life ! Jane

Jane, Group Online Weightloss Program